When Rose first had the idea to write Carbon Under Pressure, she was still knee-deep in the emotional twists and turns she describes in the book. Back then, all she wanted to do was share her story in the hope it would help others confronting similar challenges. 

Martina spoke with Rose recently and invited her to answer a few questions about how she feels now that her amazing story is published and being read around the world.

Martina: Can you remember when you first had the idea to write a book?

Rose: I was catching up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for years. As I poured out my story, her eyes got wider and wider, then she leant back in her chair and exclaimed, “My God, this s*** doesn’t even happen in movies!!” I think her reaction helped me see my whole journey from the outside and realise that yes, what I’d been through was crazy! But I knew other people were also facing similar challenges, and if an ordinary woman like me could get through it, maybe telling my story would help others. That’s when I first remember thinking I had to write a book, and maybe even a movie! 

Martina: What was the first step you took once you got serious about the book?

Rose: I had it in the back of my mind for many months, but I didn’t tell too many people because I didn’t have any idea how to begin, and maybe I wasn’t quite ready. But I really believe that once you are ready, the right opportunities cross your path. One day I told a friend about my idea and she told me about the Conscious Book Writing Club. It was perfect timing and the perfect way to start.

Martina: Surveys suggest up to 80% of people want to write a book at some point in their life, but most don’t ever act on it. What’s your advice to anyone who is thinking about it, but hesitating?

Rose: One of my biggest hurdles was the belief that my writing wasn’t good enough. But now I know there are people like you who can help shape the book and find the best words to communicate a story. All I had to do was start writing and let the words flow without worrying about how perfect they were. It didn’t take long to get the first draft out of my head and onto the page, and once I got momentum, it became easier to face each new step in the process. 

The Conscious Book Writing Club not only exposed me to all the steps involved in writing and publishing a book, it gave me a community of writers going through the same experience, and that was amazing. Even after the 8-week program, we support and encourage each other to keep going, and we celebrate each other’s progress. And I haven’t even met any of the other writers in person! 

Martina: Is there one big thing you want to share about how writing your book has changed your own life?

Rose: I wrote the book in the hope it might help others, but I never realised how much it would help me! I’d not long finished my sessions with a therapist before I joined the Writing Club, and I felt really strong. But writing is therapy on another level. It was really cathartic to get it all out of my head and down on paper; then reading my own story in the manuscript as it took shape was even more powerful. I remember so many aha moments when I saw situations I’d been through from a new perspective. I think I got to know myself so much better, and I have greater clarity about how different events in my life are connected. 

I really do encourage anyone who has something inside that needs to come out, to consider writing their story. Journaling is great and I did that while I was going through tough times, but piecing my life together in the book has made me stronger and helped me move forward in ways I never expected.

We’re grateful to Rose for sharing her experiences. We’ll invite her back in 2022 to answer more questions about her journey. In the meantime, if you’re thinking about writing a book, we’ve negotiated a special rate for those in the Meg Heart community who want to join the next Conscious Book Writing Club that begins on 25 January 2022. Send an email to hello@megheart.com to start your writing journey.




With a full heart,