Important stories often go untold. Some people are silenced by laws. Some wish to protect the privacy of the ones they love. Others cannot bear the pressure and judgement of public life. For many, an echo of their own fear, doubt or shame silences them. Meg Heart creates a safe space for their stories to be told. Her voice speaks for them.

If you want your story to be told, and you need or want to protect your identity, the team at Meg Heart will guide you from blank page to best-seller.

We bring together a team of caring professionals who will maintain your anonymity as you craft your story and send it out into the world under the Meg Heart pen name. Our extended team includes writing coaches, publishers, fact-checkers, psychologists, public relations consultants, lawyers, agents, editors, film-makers and many more. They all care about real stories and the people behind them.

Carbon Under Pressure is the first book brought to life by Meg Heart for an author who would otherwise remain silent.

We will soon be calling for expressions of interest from those who wish to share their stories under the Meg Heart name. We are interested in:

  • Books
  • Screenplays
  • Short stories
  • Articles
  • Plays
  • Poetry

The Team

Meg Heart

Meg Heart


Meg Heart is a pseudonym for those who tell real and raw stories. She’s compassionate & confident, warm & brave. She is not one of us, she is the best of all of us.

Leigh Hearl

Leigh Hearl


Leigh created this space so people can safely break their silence. She’s enthusiastic and driven, energetic and positive. She supports our writers and speaks on their behalf. She believes these stories can change the world and she will work tirelessly to bring them to life.

Martina Sheehan

Martina Sheehan

Ghost Writer

Martina guides people as they bring their stories to life. She’s patient and kind, thoughtful and wise. She inspires writers to craft their truth into beautiful stories. She’s a ghostwriter who coaches and inspires, knowing just how to elevate a writer’s words into stirring messages that will change the world.


Rose Prendergast

Rose Prendergast


Rose protects us all. She advises on legal issues to ensure people can tell their stories safely. She is down-to-earth, caring and loves working with inspirational people, especially those who are sharing important stories with the world.

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