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Meg Heart is an award-winning author and a pseudonym. She is a voice for those who are silenced.

The team at Meg Heart believe in the power of real stories to change the world. They support people who want to  break their silence and protect their identity.

Powerful stories about real events wake us up and ignite a conversation. They spur us on to create a better society. They might reveal our worst, but they inspire us to reach for our best. Silence imprisons. Truth sets us free.

Carbon Under Pressure

Award-Winning Book

A mother wakes to a nightmare and is thrust into a race to save three lives.

Rose thought she had it all, then she discovered her husband’s hidden life. The revelation crushed Rose, and the breakup shattered her family. Battling through heartbreak and betrayal, she thought the worst was behind her, but nothing could prepare Rose for what came next.

In this raw and confronting story, we follow three years in Rose’s life. With a rare honesty, she reveals the painful emotions of a mother watching helplessly as her daughter battles a tormenting secret. It will push her to the edge, but just as the nightmare promises to end, Rose’s family is haunted by a new and more ominous threat. She must find the strength to face her demons and the courage to save the ones she loves.

Carbon Under Pressure is based on real events. Rose’s story is shocking, riveting and unforgettable, and what happened to her could happen to anyone.

Carbon Under Pressure by Meg Heart


I believe the more we share our stories with honesty and vulnerability, the more chance we have of changing our world and making it a safe place, for everybody. I would love to speak to you about speaking opportunities at your upcoming conference or event.


Carbon Under Pressure has now launched. You can find full details on the book at the link below.

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